Rediscovering Purpose Story

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I’m proud of the woman I am today because I went through hell of a time becoming her.

My Story

After thriving in a challenging 30-year career as an Executive Financial Consultant, I envisioned a blissful retirement. Yet, I found myself struggling with a purpose. I was not ready! While cherishing moments with my family and attempting kitchen adventures (with limited success, haha), I sensed a void. In under a year, I made a bold decision to pivot into a new industry and career—shaping lives by turning dreams into reality. Following a passion I really enjoy, by making your house your beloved home, custom home building. As a Custom Home Specialist, I will be dedicated to elevate aspirations to new heights, creating forever homes and lasting impacts. I am so excited to share this transformative journey!


I grew up in Northern Ontario, in a somewhat isolated city, Thunder Bay. Where the heck is that? Well, to give you an idea, driving west, It’s about a 5 ½-hour drive to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Going east, it's approximately 15 hours to Toronto, Ontario, and heading south, it's 5 ½ hours to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and don’t even ask where North goes. Cold! Cold! Cold!

I came from a large family, including four sisters and two brothers. All my friends only had a couple of siblings in their families, which meant their families could afford to pay for the extras in life. I realized then that if I wanted to have those things, too, I had to pay for them.

So, from the age of eight, through to my teens, I delivered flyers, engaged in door-to-door sales for Regal Catalogues, and had a paper route, as well as several other part-time jobs. From a very early age, I learned that you had to set goals, earn your own income and work hard at everything you do!

Living on my own at 16, as an athlete, I worked hard and studied hard to attain my goal of earning scholarships and bursaries to fund my post-secondary education.
Back in the day, getting married at age 21 was the thing to do! We got hitched and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1992, and within a year, I began my dream career, where I joined Investor Group Financial Services (now known as IG Wealth Management) as a Consultant. A year later, we moved back to Thunder Bay to be with friends and family. I was faced with starting my business all over, where the rules allowed for you to be licensed in one province, and I grew the majority of my financial practice here.

I became a mother in 1995. My firstborn son, Deven, was born with a disease, and we spent the first 2 years in and out of the hospital on top of building my career. At times, I was sure that the pediatric floor was going to start charging me rent! I was determined and convinced it was possible to look after him and my clients at the same time. In fact, at nap time, you would find me making phone calls and providing financial advice to my new and existing clients. I am happy to say; my son is alive and well today!

On top of this chaotic life, it wasn’t a year later I had my second child, Austin!

I enjoyed being a young mother and a career woman. However, at the beginning of my career, there were only 2 women and about 25 men in my region. You can imagine how I had to prove myself on a daily basis while balancing family and career. In retrospect, this made me a stronger person, evermore determined to defy the odds. I believe I paved the way for many women in the financial industry today.

In 2005, after many challenges and hardships in my personal life, a major life change occurred when I became a divorcee and single mom! Little did I know I would meet my soulmate later that same year.

In 2010, I remarried a wonderful man, Leon Jackson, and an amazing father. Later, we had two more children. Yes, two more boys, Carter and Ryder! Never did get that girl!
Based on economic changes, In 2013, we decided to move to the Edmonton area. I transferred to this new region, continuing to look after my practice in Ontario (the rules changed) while moving into a management position with more responsibilities, along with growing my practice with IG Wealth Management. Needless to say, managing $75 million in assets, I was one busy Bee!

It was so gratifying to be a part of the growth of our region. In addition to this and throughout my 30-year tenure, I have educated and inspired others as a guest speaker with government agencies, small businesses, women’s associations, and several post-secondary institutions.

For 30 years, I have given advice to many clients, retired to something, and witnessed many who have retired well while others retired poorly. It has inspired me to share my journey into this new chapter of my life, and I hope to also inspire you to retire well!
I believe that leading by example and giving back to the community is essential. I have volunteered for several charities and participated in raising awareness for nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to me.

Reflecting, there was a time I was preparing a succession plan for age 55. Then what a curveball life would throw that hit me hard. I woke up in the ICU, struggling for my life. When I came to, what a wake-up call I had. An AH-HA MOMENT. This became my second chance to make new decisions to live my life to the fullest, and although I have found much success and value everything I have experienced, it was time to reevaluate my exit strategy earlier than expected.

Here I stand, retired for under a year, stepping out of retirement into a new career, making bold decisions, living my best life, and feeling inspired to share these experiences with you. It's never too late to embark on new beginnings.

Stay with me, be part of my journey, and join the 'Hive Tribe!'